Our leadership development programs are designed using in-side out approach. We believe that personal leadership philosophies influence the way leaders influence their people and the business. And that is why the focus of all our leadership starts with personal leadership. This enables leaders with all the required personal leadership characteristics that is needed to lead the workforce and the business.

We then work towards building the competencies for people leadership. Things like how to influence others, how to gain conversational mastery, etc are some of the competencies that we focus on and finally these are further strengthened by business leadership competencies. Also, our leadership development programs are designed in various formats. We offer a 2 day competency specific program to 6 month leadership academy which covers alldimensions of leadership development.

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What we do

  • First time managers
  • Lead with emotional intelligence
  • Leading powerful teams
  • Change management¬†
  • Practising-orbit of personal mastery
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Leading change
  • Virtual leadership
  • Everyday leadership framework
  • Gravitas
  • Build high performance culture
  • Coaching skills for managers

Learning and Development





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